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Sick of Wasting Time & Money on Dead Beat Leads & Prospects?

"Who Else Wants to Use Our Proven Online Formula for Attracting Endless Leads and Prospects and Have Them Pay You to Show Them the Plan, Even If They Never Join Your Business..."

Warning: Your Upline WILL NOT Approve of this Pain-Free Online Recruiting Method, Responsible for Creating Millions for the NEW Generation of Top Income Earners in This Industry

From AMF Headquarters (Acapulco Cantina):
Ferny Ceballos; Los Angeles, CA.

Dear Fellow Networker,

Four years ago, I entered the Network Marketing industry for the same reasons anyone else does...

All this despite the fact that I had degrees in engineering from MIT & USC and had a cushie job working on highly classified government programs.

According to all my friends, family and most in our society... "I had made it".

Yeah right... A Wage Slave is Still a Wage Slave!

Whether you are a wage slave at $20k per year or $80k per year, you are still a slave to your job, boss, credit cards and debt.

Like you, I still had people telling me what time to come in, what time to take lunch, what time to leave, ordering me to work weekends and asking me to work overtime without pay.

I was willing to do anything to break free and through a friend, began a wild and frustrating journey in the MLM industry...

After 4 Years in Network Marketing...

Ferny & RayMy name is Ferny Ceballos and today, I am unemployeed by choice, run an automated 6-figure network marketing business online and co-own a half-million dollar company from home along side my business partner and best friend, Raymond Fong.

Our clients, business partners and best friends are the top earners in MLM and Direct Sales including Mike Dillard, Jay Kubassek, Aaron Parkinson, Jimmy Davis, Mike Klingler, Ann Sieg, Daegan Smith, Jim Yaghi, Justin Christianson, Tim Erway, Kimball Roundy, Danny Morel, Todd Falcone, Michael Force, Andrew Cass and countless others.

We have thousands of students from around the world who have taken the information you are about to be exposed to and have created wealth and financial freedom in their lives with network marketing.

However, it wasn't always like this.

Two Years Into MLM, I Was Broke, $50,000 in Debt and the Number of Active Downline Members I Had, Could All Fit in My Closet!

I was ready to call it quits. It didn't seem to matter how many people I met, how many home meetings I held, how many functions I went to or how many new people I prospected for my business, (including my friends, family, co-workers, chiropractor, bartender and pretty much anyone I knew).

I had sponsored 17 people in my 1st year in network marketing and still had yet to see a profit and I was spending far more than I made, driving me deeper and deeper into debt. (And I was one of the examples of success in my organization!)

I was running out of ways to get new leads and the prospects I managed to get in front of the plan would frantically think of ways to get rid of me while trying not to hurt my feelings... if they were nice, that is.

Then one night after a frustrating experience showing the plan to one of my friends, I went on online to check my email and browse the internet.

My life changed forever as I stumbled upon a key piece of information about how a small group of elite network marketers are killing it with MLM...

Get Paid To Generate Leads?
Get Paid to Show the Plan?

That night I was exposed to for the first time, the concept of what would come to be known as "attraction marketing".

The principles of this painless online recruiting method were simple...

Here's the Kicker! In order to be successful you need to...

Stop Doing What 99.9% of Unsuccessful
Network Marketers Are Doing and Once Again, Enjoy a Normal Social Life! :-)


NEVER, NEVER, EVER again, do any of the following:

...basically take everything that 99.9% of network marketers are doing today and do the opposite!

This means YOU and I can have a normal social life and still be successful in MLM.

How is this possible? Because...

Old School MLM is Dead...
And the Internet Killed It

My dinosaur uplines who had created their "wealth" in the glory days of Amway, had been teaching me things they knew no longer worked because the internet had completely changed the game. In fact, they did everything they could to shield me from the internet.

And with good reason...

While you work ferociously on ineffective methods like buying leads, cold calling, and prospecting anyone you meet... there's a minority of savvy network marketers stealing your leads, prospects and distributors from you online.

GoogleIn a world with the internet, where your people can do a search, find negative websites bashing your company and dozens of ads on Google advertising countless other "ground floor" opportunities ready to scoop up your newly disenchanted leads & distributors...

Attrition will kill any progress you make and expand the wallets and downline of the savvy network marketers who have discovered the principles of 'attraction marketing'.

Now I know what you are thinking...

"Bastards! Those Attraction Marketers are Evil!"

... or are they?

Think about it. If you had a choice between:

A) buying leads, cold calling, prospecting at malls and

B) letting the miracle of the internet and easy to use technologies grow your business for you...

... which would you choose?

This advantage is called "positioning" and to put it bluntly, they are offering your leads, prospects and distributors a better opportunity simply because of how they market - having nothing to do with the MLM company.

These savvy network marketers are "positioned" perfectly to take advantage of the mass exodus towards the internet, which will occur when the other of the 99.9% of this industry find out about painlessly recruiting and growing an organization online.

So if this is the case, the choice is obvious...

Build Your Business Online While You Sleep, Have People Pay You to Show Them the Plan & Make Thousands from Those Who Say "NO!" to Your Opportunity

In the past year alone, my best friend, Raymond and I, have used Attraction Marketing to generate over $500,000+ online, generated as many as 7,000 leads in a single week and have people clamoring to pay us $5,000 & Up for one-one-one coaching & consulting to help them achieve the same results in their businesses.

But don't let our achievements fool you... we had to bust our butts to get to this level. We had to invest in over $150,000 in courses, consulting and coaches who dripped their secrets on us over time.

Over the course of 4 years, we took what we learned, applied it, tested it, kept what worked and threw away what didn't. This process was at times frustrating, but as you can see, it was totally worth it.

Our results speak for themselves and people inside and outside network marketing have sought us out and paid us as much as $40,000+ per project to help them achieve the same results in their business.

Here's Our Only Regret...

All the information you need to be successful is already out there, but good luck finding it all!

I would say our only regret over the past 4 years was spending way too much time chasing book after book, course after course, coach after coach in order to get the complete picture... driving myself into debt and a few times getting ripped off in the process for thousands of dollars.

Our success would have arrived light years sooner if we had been provided what we needed from the beginning.

Up until now, there hasn't been anything out there which could teach you everything you need to know about setting up your own online recruiting machine, in a concise, easy to read & understand course, which can be consumed quickly in a couple of hours.

Honestly, I'm Tired of Those Long Drawn Out Courses, Which Take You Forever to Get Through...

For network marketers who are looking to find solutions now and get results quickly, the long drawn out "4 month live webinar course", or the " 20 DVD & 400 page supplemental course" which will take you months (if not years) to consume is NOT what I call 'getting results now'.

My book shelf is full of text books and notes from my days at MIT & USC.

Incredibly, book shelf on everything I studied about attraction marketing is 2 times bigger.

While it was the price we paid to learn what we did... to get quick results in your business and start experiencing success, it is way OVERKILL.

There's now a way for you to get access to a COMPLETE training course, consume it and implement it quickly without ANY risk.

Finally, a Complete Course Which is an Easy Read, Quickly Consumed and You Can Immediately Put Into Action to Start Generating Your Own Leads & Prospects on the Internet...

This is the formula the wealthiest and most successful networkers are using to generate a fortune through network marketing online...

Within the 'Attraction Marketing Formula' are the exact steps we used to create a half-million dollar income from home in the past year and bring me out from the brink of bankruptcy.

I originally wrote a version of this course a couple of years ago to teach my team members and clients how to setup their online recruiting system, because I simply didn't have the time to walk them through it.

It has laid dormant for over 2 years, given out only as a resource to our consulting clients and high-end customers who are accustomed to investing between $1,000 to $5,000 with us to learn what we know about lead generation and marketing online.

After many, many requests from our clients to allow them to release this manual to their team and downline members, we've decided to share this step-by-step formula with the world, once again...

Attraction Marketing Formula 2012

attraction marketing formula

Newly revised and updated for 2012, it is 123 pages of easy to read and follow instructions on how to setup a robust and powerful online recruiting system, with ZERO fluff.

If you want leadership training or motivational stuff, this is NOT the right course. (Tony Robbins and John Maxwell can provide you with that.)

If you want the exact blueprint the most successful internet marketers in the world use to rapidly grow a massive downline, then keep on reading...

This cuts through the chase and is a straight forward, step-by-step, easy to follow 'HOW TO' manual, allowing you to replicate our proven lead generation system.

"You Will Be in Good Hands..."

Mike Dillard"I first noticed Raymond and Fernando as active members of my social community, Better Networker, a social media site for home based business owners. They were providing high quality content and adding tremendous value to our members.

     I, of course, took an interest, especially when they started teaching others in the community about advanced strategies no one in the networking marketing community was offering.

     My response was, "these guys should be charging for this stuff".

     Since then, I've invited them to work with me on several different projects, which includes being my in-house SEO & Social Media leads for and

     I am very selective in the caliber of people I choose to associate and work with. So the fact that I trust Ray and Ferny to help run an aspect of my business, speaks volumes about their abilities and qualifications.

     You will be in good hands with these guys at your side."

-Mike Dillard, Austin, TX.
8-Figure Earner

Here's What the Complete Attraction Marketing Formula is Made Of...

In 'AMF' we show you:

"...Much More Valuable Than the Price of the System..."

"Ferny's Attraction Marketing Formula is pure genius! It lays everything out in easy, understandable steps so that absolutely anyone can benefit from them. I was definitely a skeptic before reading this.

"I didn't want to invest money into a system that I wasn't sure would work, but after meeting Ferny, hearing what he had to say, and benefiting from his bootcamp I was ready to take the plunge.

"Now, I have a clear path ahead of me that will allow me to market any product in ways that will make the majority of the work automated and as pain free while still extremely effective for my target niche market. Ferny's words are so much more valuable than the price of the system he is selling. It's truly amazing."

-Jason Karuza, Inglewood, CA.

Which of The Following Do You Want To Learn?

"I want to learn how Ferny in his 1st month marketing online was paid $1,245 to generate a list of over 100 prospects before anyone signed up for his opportunity."

"I want to learn how Ferny used a small list of only 400 emails to passively generate an additional $28,853 in only 3 months in his network marketing opportunity, on top of his other businesses"

"I want to learn how to write letters, which will sell, tell and recruit for me automatically and grow a team for me while I sleep"

"I want to learn the fundamental marketing formula Ferny and his business partner, Raymond, used to build a $500,000+ business online"

"I want to learn how to quickly transition to recruiting online and dump the old school MLM methods of cold calling, buying leads and recruiting friends & family..."

"...The content was great and so easy to understand..."

"To be honest I was a little skeptical at first but when I heard your voice and that you were a "real" person, really reassured me.

"The content was great and so easy to understand. I hate things that assume you know what they are talking about and that you understand the technical terms they use."

-Megan Watts, Australia

We Are Going To Do You a HUGE Favor

Now, I'm going to be frank with you. As of now you've read about some incredible results we've produced and about how much people have paid us to benefit from our expertise.

Our students and clients come from all kinds of businesses including real-estate, martial arts, online auctions, financial products, musicians and even seafood markets!

But the truth is, we are more interested in getting this information in the hands of as many serious networkers as possible and transform lives. There are way too many people who are still clueless about the power of 'attraction marketing'.

However, notice we said "serious networkers". (If you are a tirekicker looking for freebies, we encourage you to leave now.)

We make plenty of money through our network marketing businesses, consulting and other companies we own.

While we are certainly not going to GIVE you secrets, which costs us over $150,000 in education and 4 years of trial & error to learn, we do want anyone who is serious about mastering internet marketing for the purposes of growing a downline a HUGE favor...

A Price Any Serious Networker Can Afford

Like I said earlier, our primary interest is to get as many serious networkers as possible to consume this information and transform this industry and save the millions of network marketers suffering from the painful and old ways of doing business.

And in the process, creating a NEW wave of networkers who will be coming online and looking to join a sponsor (i.e. you) whom are successfully using the internet to grow their teams.

The era of Attraction Marketing is still in its infancy and you need to:

  1. Prepare yourself by learning the marketing skills of the modern networker
  2. Spread the word about this course to as many people as possible

Which is why, we have reduced the price of this new version of the Attraction Marketing Formula (AMF) down from the previous price of $297 to Only $97.

Remember, its taken us over $150,000 and over 4 years of trial, error and lots of strugle to create this formula.

Our Guarantee Ensures That AMF Will Work For Your or You Don't Pay!

This will certainly remove any and all doubt that we are serious when we say that we wish to transform this industry and give everyone the opportunity to be succeed online.

I am going to remove ALL risk and put it on myself...

Your AMF Guarantee:


Rest Assured that If You Are NOT Completely Satisfied After Having Gone Through the Entire AMF Course, We Will REFUND 100% of Your Money Back, Down to Every Single Penny Within 30 Days of Your Initial Purchase.

You literally have 30 days to consume AMF and have it produce results for you. If you are not completely satisfied, simply send an email to, requesting a refund and we'll process it immediately.

No questions asked and you get to keep a copy of AMF as our gift to you, for giving it a try. Of course, we trust that you operate with integrity and only request a refund if you truly feel that Attraction Marketing is NOT for you.

So what are you waiting for? Bring your network marketing business to the 21st century and forget the painful methods of Old School MLM for good!

Click Here to Claim Your Copy of AMF!

Be assured that your online transaction is 100% secure with 128-bit encryption. Again, this product comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

You will receive your exclusive copy of the Attraction Marketing Formula™ course immediately.

Now you may have a few questions and I want to answer them for you...

"Will this work for me?"

YES! Throughout our years in this industry, we have always found people that were willing to do the work. The problem is, they never knew exactly what they needed to do to get results. Attraction Marketing Formula was born from this mindset:

"How do I get new distributors the results they need to keep growing?"

"How can I make sure my downline doesn't quit?"

These are the exact questions that made us look for a better way. This course is written for anyone looking for a better way to build their business. Even though we're all ex-rocket scientists, we'll guarantee that Attraction Marketing Formula requires no special skills other than a desire to succeed.

"What if I've been around a while? Will I learn anything new?"

YES! If you've had success using old-school methods, then you can only do better using the principles in Attraction Marketing Formula to extend your reach. We don't bash old-school methods, we only lament their lack of effectiveness in a more modern, more interruptible world. Using attraction marketing to amplify the relationship building you've always been taught is a surefire recipe for success.

"Is this course worth it?"

We too have been burned in the past buying courses that either didn't work or were full of stuff we already knew. In fact, we got burned a few times buying overpriced coaching programs and outdated ebooks that offered very little value.

We've put this offer together with a couple of things in mind:

You won't be able to find all the information available in AMF for less than what you are paying today.

It simply isn't possible -- trust me, we've proved it!

So I would have to say that you are either insane or not serious about your business, if you're not willing to invest $97 and change your life. This is a bargain. Period.

"What about talking to prospects? Will I still have to cold call?"

HELL NO! We are anti-cold calling.

You should only be talking to prospects excited about your opportunity. This is not a numbers game. AMF was created to help you automate your business and attract the best leads for your business.

May you call your leads anyway? Sure.

Personally following up with interested prospects will multiply your results, but is not a requirement. If you are not comfortable on the phone, don't do it.

Let the system do the work.

"What if I need more help?"

If you feel that you may be in need of additional help or coaching, when you finish the AMF checkout process, we'll be providing you with some additional resources for you to get personal one-on-one help from us.

Grab Your Copy of The Attraction Marketing Formula for Only $97

Yes, Ferny! Please give me instant access to the AMF course. I get:

Regular Price: $97



P.S. Remember, you literally have 30 days to consume AMF and have it produce results for you. If you are not completely satisfied, simply send an email to within 30 days of your purchase, request a refund and we'll process it immediately.

No questions asked and you get to keep a copy of AMF as our gift to you, for giving it a try. Of course, we trust that you operate with integrity and only request a refund if you truly feel that Attraction Marketing is NOT for you.

There's nothing to lose. Click Here to Claim Your Copy of AMF!

P.P.S. Also, I guarantee that within the next year, you will see a massive wave of new network marketers shifting their efforts online and you could be perfectly positioned to be that new sponsor and become a part of the New Generation of Top Income Earners in this industry. Click Here to Claim Your Copy of AMF!